Karuna Borneo 3000 mAh Pro Charger Power Bank

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  • 3,000 mAh Pro Charger Power Bank
  • Just directly plug into a wall outlet to charge.
  • Safe Power Bank that is UL, FCC & is Apple MFI certified.

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Karuna Borneo Worldwide Voltage 3000 mAh Pro Charger Power Bank


Karuna Borneo Worldwide Voltage 3000 MAh Pro Charger Power Bank

Intelligent Battery Chipset

Karuna Borneo Worldwide Voltage Pro Charger Power Bank with 3000 mAh is a utilized lithium polymer battery that endures an amazing 500 charging cycles without causing significant battery degradation. The power bank can retain 90% of battery capacity even it is not being used for a year. This feature is achieved through the use of better battery management and quality battery to minimise self-discharge.

World Class Safety and Protection

Intelligent IC prevents over-charging/self-discharge as over-charging can shorten the battery lifespan significantly and increase the risk of battery explosion. The charging will stop automatically when battery is fully charged. It has a protection for over temperature, current, and short circuit which will turn the powers off automatically to protect the battery and target charging device’s delicate circuitry.


  • The Power Bank that’s Apple Certified which  plugs into a Wall Outlet to charge.
  • USB interface – come with alternative USB slot to get your latest phone or gadgets connected.
  • Safety features – UL, FCC and Apple MFI Certified.

Technical Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 4.5 inch (L)* 3 inch (W)* 1.5 inch(D)
  • materials: Plastic + electric components
  • Capacity: 3000mah
  • Universal -Worldwide Voltage (110-240VAC)

1 Year Local Warranty



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