Sarawak Vegetarian Laksa by Lee Fah Mee (1 Carton of 48 pax)

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  • Sarawak Vegetarian Laksa Instant Noodle
  • Value pack of 48 pax
  • Expired Period of 15 months (Fresh as direct factory collection after order received)

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Dhause Malaysia: Sarawak Vegetarian Laksa Instant Noodle












Especially for Vegetarian who love Sarawak Laksa.
Now you can taste Sarawak again, anytime as you wanted.



Lee Fah Mee Sarawak Vegetarian Laksa Flavour: 12 bags x 4 pkts x 90 gm
Shelf Life: 15 months (Fresh as direct factory collection after order received)
Carton Dimension and weight: 510x210x250mm @ 5.8kg


Lee Fah Mee, The Manufacturer

  • Established in 1955 and start manufacturing Fried Noodle in 1970. 
  • Lee Fah Mee is the second instant noodle manufacturer in Malaysia being awarded SIRIM standard certification in 1983.
  • Lee Fah Mee has obtained official HALAL certifications from Islamic Affairs Division of the Prime Minister’s Department Malaysia since 1996.

Additional information

Weight 5.8 kg
Dimensions 51 × 21 × 25 cm


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