KHIND Egg Steamer SE350

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  • Compact, Novel & Elegant
  • Egg Steamed Fresh and Tender, Keeps Nutrition
  • Overheating Protection
  • Stainless Steel Heating Plate for Easy Cleaning

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KHIND Egg Steamer SE350

KHIND Egg Steamer SE350

KHIND Egg Steamer SE350

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does the power indicator light up once I switch on AC mains?

This is the default setting by factory. When the main is switched on the heater will begin to boil water to create steam. After the first steaming is complete, the power indicators will switch off. For further steaming press the power indicator (button) to commence.


Is the plastic cradle provided safe for use?

Yes, the plastic cradle is made of food grade material and is safe to use.


What is the ceramic bowl (provided) for?

This ceramic bowl, certified safe for use by the authorities, can be used to steam (one) custard egg, or cook recipe egg custards (add onions, garlic, or sauces according to the recipe requirements).


Can I use this egg steamer to steam other food?

Yes, this steamer is commonly used to steam (heat-up) food such as carrot (cut to smaller portions), banana, strawberry, “jagung”or even a small ‘pau’


How to clean?

The body and the heating plate can be easily cleaned with a damp soft cloth (add mild detergent if needed), just do not soak the body into water.


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