ATOMY Toothbrush (Set of 8)

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DHAUSE ATOMY Supler Slim Toothbrush

  • 8 pcs in the package
  • Plague Removal
  • Complete Oral Cleaning
  • Gum Heath
  • Anti-Bacterial

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ATOMY Toothbrush (Set of 8)

ATOMY Toothbrush with Key Features:

  1. Super soft and flexible bristles are 0.18mm in thickness and modified at the end to a super slim 0.03mm.
  2. Effectively remove plaque and residue to provide a deep refreshing feeling for your teeth and gums after brushing.
  3. Rounded Slim Head helps to easily reach the very back teeth for complete oral cleaning.
  4. Easy-Grip Handle is made of anti-microbial and nature-friendly materials.


ATOMY Toothbrush (Set Of 8)

ATOMY Toothbrush (Set Of 8)

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Dimensions 10 × 15 × 25 cm

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