ATOMY Evening Care Set of 4

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  • For make up & sebum removal
  • Removes pore sediments
  • Continuously moisturizes the skin
  • Pore care and Firming action
  • Deep Cleansing (150ml), Foam Cleansing (150ml), Peeling Gel (120ml), Peel Off Pack (120ml).

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ATOMY Evening Care Set of 4 clarifes 4 steps to Radiant Skin, take the steps to miraculous transformation. It’s like having 365s of Home Spa. The set contains of:

  • Deep Cleanser – Remove Makeup & Cleans Pores
  • Form Cleanser – Cleans Pores and other Skin Residues.
  • Peeling Gel – Exfoliates and Prepares Skin for Better Absorption of Nutrients.
  • Peeling-off Mask – Minimises Pores, Firms and Calms Skin.


Deep Cleansing [150ml] : for make up & sebum removal


  • Gently removing wastes from deep pores.
  • Providing vitality to the tired skin and keeping skin clean.
  • Smoothing the skin by controlling horns.
  • Double effect of cleansing and nourishing
Instructions After applying cream and cleansing the face for 1-2min, wipe off with facial tissue or wash off with warm Water
Texture Soft and moisturizing cream type
ATOMY Evening Care

ATOMY Evening Care



Foam Cleansing [150ml] : removes pore sediments


  • Trouble care with trichloro acetic acid contents
  • Removing sebum in pores to help maintain clean and healthy skin
  • Fine and rich foam power
  • Rich moisturizing and nutritious effect of beta-glucan and vegetable worm extract
Instructions After lathering sufficient foam on the palm, massage onto entire face. Wash off thoroughly with warm water.
Texture Soft and moisturizing cream type
ATOMY Evening Care Set

ATOMY Evening Care Set


Peeling Gel [120ml] : synergy care to remove horns and absorb effective ingredients


  • Applies softly with fresh feeling in use
  • Makes cosmetics absorb well and leaves skin silky-smooth
  • Finishing with pleasant feeling
Instructions After using foam cleansing, wipe off water on the face with a towel, apply and massage sufficient amount on your face avoiding eye and mouth areas. After massaging, rinse off with warm water without cleanser. In the case of dry skin, use this 1-2 times a week, and in case of oily skin, 3-4 times a week.
Texture Soft and moisturizing cream type
ATOMY Evening Care

ATOMY Evening Care


Peel Off Pack [120ml] : pore care and firming action


  • Jade powder and amethyst powder contents enliven skin flow
  • Through pore astriction and lifting effect, makes skin smooth and buoyant
Instructions After using foam cleansing or peeling gel and soothing skin with a skin toner, evenly apply on the entire face with palm avoiding eye and mouth areas. When the pack agent is completely dried (about 15min in summer, and 20min in winter), peel off the pack from bottom to top. Pat lightly with cold water to close the pores, and apply basic skin care products in their respective order. It is appropriate to use this 1-2 times a week for dry skin and 3-4 times a week for oily skin. For extremely dry or sensitive skin, avoid using peeling gel and peel off pack simultaneously.
Texture Soft and moisturizing cream type
ATOMY Evening Care

ATOMY Evening Care



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